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Okay, so let’s talk a little about the final scene with Derek’s pack in ‘Master Plan’

In which I over analyze the scene at the Hale House with Derek, Isaac, and Peter.

In their final scene of Master Plan, Derek’s pack presents a very interesting trio. They are visually set up in a triangle here:

(this could also be their wolf-band album cover, lbr)

So their positioning is significant. Isaac is in front, the closest to the audience, and he has the most movement in this scene. His character isn’t as stagnant, or trapped, as Derek. 

Derek, who lingers in the back but is still covering Isaac’s back. At one point we’re given a complete profile shot of Derek:

Visually, Derek is hiding half of himself right here. And how familiar does that sound…

But what I think is most interesting, and the most telling, is Peter. Peter is part of the band, but he’s not in the in-circle. He’s literally separated from Derek & Isaac by a tree here:

Also, Peter is on higher ground. All pun intended. This is probably due to some forced perspective, but it does reinforce the idea that he is willingly separated from Derek & Isaac. This could be from some knowledge that he’s withholding, or from a plan that he has yet to put in action. 

In summary, Peter is keeping himself from fully integrating into the pack, Derek is being more cautious, and Isaac is exploring the wide wolfy world.

Next, the colors. I’m taking most of my interpretation from this essay (which you should all read bc it’s totes brilliant). 

Isaac is wearing this rather fetching shade of blue. 

According to the essay, this color means home and is used when the character is comfortable. I take this to mean that Isaac has chosen to make his home with Derek, and is becoming more comfortable with his place in Derek’s pack. 

Derek’s shirt color is harder to identify. 

It’s sort of beige-y, sort of brown, sort of grey, sort of maybe-sweat-stained. Which is just totally appropriate for Derek, who is suffering from some serious shifting in his life right now - with Berica deserting, killing Jackson then having him turn into a werewolf, Scott leaving his pack, and don’t forget he might have turned Gerard into a werewolf

But say for a second that it’s beige. Referencing Boots again, beige means stability. Now, while I don’t think Derek is in a particularly stable position now, this could indicate him searching for stability next season (which would fall in with the popular theory that the element of S3 will be earth).

However, that’s the grayest beige I’ve ever seen. So I think it’s important that we don’t try to clearly define what color it is, because we’re not really sure what’s going on with Derek. Or what we can expect from him next season.

But Peter. Peter is in black from head to toe.

And as most every movie tradition ever tells us, black = badness/danger/death. I firmly believe that Peter has a plan that doesn’t necessarily include the rest of the cast surviving. But black is also mysterious. So I don’t think he’s going to show his hand for a while now.

But if you need anymore convincing that he’s up to no good, seriously, look at his weird little satan beard:

And just a final thought on movement/setting - Isaac is the only one who approaches the house. (The very dead house, I might add. All the plants near the Hale house are dead and brown. But just outside their reach, there is some life and some growth. So that’s hopeful, maybe)

But Derek and Peter stay out in the “wilderness”, if you will, among the shadows. Isaac is the only one who gets to go home. Derek looks on, and Peter is even farther removed.


TL;DR Isaac’s knowledge of the world of werewolves is expanding but there’s hope that he’ll be able to emerge, if not whole, at least not totally destroyed. Derek has moved on from his previously all-black-all-the-time sense of fashion, and we’re not quite sure what’s going on with him. Peter is totes playing them all.

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